Discovery bubbas


''Messy play- the most engaging fun and all round learning children can have'' 

Sensory messy play and activities where the children are free to explore and use materials as they wish allows them to truly learn about their world and it meets a whole range of skills and covers many areas in the EYFS- Early years foundation stage.                

Please do not panic at the word ''messy'' it does not mean complete disorder and a manic environment. It can be a key learning experience to babies and young children. It has been shown to aid cognitive development, social skills and self esteem, having been a nursery nurse, Kerry, the leader of Discovery bubbas, knows and has seen how much this type of play can really benefit children. 

A child's brain does most of its developing between the ages of 0-3, Discovery Bubbas sessions helping this development can only be a good thing! :)

Discovery bubbas involves our little discoverers using all their senses in exploring and manipulating a variety of different materials from shaving foam to sand to edible paints and jelly. At discovery bubbas we believe in not having a focus or pressure to produce anything during the session,as we feel this allows the children to have the freedom to explore how and what they want to. This also has a huge benefit to their self confidence as they never feel that their way of exploring is wrong or their product is not good enough. Of course, despite this aim, their will be opportunities to create something to take away at the end if you wish to.

For the exact session dates and info please see facebook as I put up event pages for each upcoming session but here is the general info for all the sessions I currently run; sessons suitable for children from approx 6mths-5 years.

At the moment I am only running one session in Borehamwood but hoping to do more soon.

Every other Monday at Aberford hall in Borehamwood 10am-11.30am, see facebook for exact dates/event pages. You can just drop in or block booking is also an option. This session costs £5 for 2 children, then each subsequent child is £1. 

Sessions still run during the school holidays/half terms and will be EVERY MONDAY during the summer holidays [except bank holidays]

I am now happy to say that I am starting to offer 'Discovery parties'. Please see the 'more' tab at the top.