Discovery bubbas


Here's a few examples of Discovery bubbas links to the Early Years Curriculum [EYFS]….


Physical Development

During the messy play session, the children will be given tools to use with the different materials such as spoons, cups, tongs etc. and these help them practice their fine motor skills and eye hand coordination. Hands on activities also help children to learn to compare textures of the materials and playing alongside other children will help them gain an understanding of their own body space. 


Communication, Language and Literacy.


During the class the children will be given many opportunities to speak and listen. The group leader will rotate round the class asking open ended questions to the children to encourage them to think and explore. Playing alongside other children will help develop language and gesture regarding interactions such as turn taking. Materials where the children can make marks in such as shaving foam or paint is a great start to individual mark making, the foundation to writing. 


Personal social and emotional development.


The messy play at Discovery bubbas is designed around the child's natural curiosity. There is no 'right' way or structure to a class at Discovery bubbas this is to encourage a positive approach to new experiences. Also because there is no wrong way to explore this has the positive impact of boosting children's self confidence and self esteem. Playing alongside other children in a group environment fosters self respect and respect for others.





While exploring messy play children will naturally incorporate numbers and counting, whether it is by physically counting or ordering objects they will be developing their mathematical brain whilst exploring. By filling and emptying containers they are also developing a sense of size and measurements and tools will always be with the equipment to allow them to do this, in some classes the tools may be numbers themselves so they get used to seeing the symbols for the numbers themselves and become familiar with them.



Understanding the world


Discovery bubbas give the children the chance to manipulate and explore many different materials using all their senses this helps them to begin to classify objects and to arrange items into a logical order, and discovering cause and effect. The nature of messy play ensures the children get the chance to investigate explore and create which helps them to develop a better understanding of the world around them and to begin to discover and evaluate scientific method.


Expressive art and design

 At Discovery bubbas children are given endless opportunities with a vast choice of materials to build creativity and their imagination. They will explore using all senses and will begin to respond to what they hear, feel, touch, smell and see. They will be able to express themselves through manipulating and discovering colour, shapes and texture.