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 Discovery bubbas provide party packages for children’s birthday parties, aged 5 years and under. Each package is flexible and can be tailored to your needs and party theme. I can also tailor a package that would suit an event or special occasion- run a ‘children’s zone’ at a wedding or other event. You choose a date, hire a venue and this is what we provide……..



                                 BABY DISCOVERY PARTY: 

                            6mths-12mths £60 up to 10 babies

- 6 completely edible, non toxic messy sensory play trays, can be themed or just a mix.
- Sensory toy and items area: sensory bottles and pat wallets, sensory materials and fabric, treasure baskets and other items/toys
- A little singing, maybe a story time and parachute time after the messy sensory fun
- A little gift for the birthday child
- All the clean up of the messy play area etc

I recommend the messy sensory activities last no longer than 45-60 mins for this age bracket and then I can do 20 mins of singing, maybe a story time and/or parachute fun.

                                                                                            DISCOVERY PARTIES

 1-5 years*  up to 25 children, Birthday child free, £6 per child, £3 siblings and under 9 months free, plus £50 on time- 

    max suitable length being 2 hours.

- A full tailor made package of themed floor based sensory,messy exploration and creative play 'stations'/activities and some table top take home crafts.
- A little singing and parachute fun after the messy play
- A little gift for the birthday child
- All the clean up of the messy play area etc

  * (can add more crafts which will appeal to any older children you may have attending or even a little circus skills area)


    Please contact for more info on this, prices are dependant on what you require and where and for how long.



    The discovery bubbas party packages for birthday’s and events or special occasions do not include hire of a venue or party food.

    Explore, mess, play, create and learn with Discovery bubbas, try something 'different', fun and engaging for your child's birthday party or let us run a creative zone at your event or special occasion. contact us via the contact form or via facebook or email: [email protected],com